BTCe Exchange has Announced Withdrawal of Funds to VISA and MasterCard

Today the BTC-E crypto currency exchange, one of the top exchanges, has announced the option to withdraw funds to VISA and MasterCard cards, regardless of the issuer of the card or the currency. There is a 5% fee associated with the service to transfer funds from the exchange to your card and currently only USD can be withdrawn. If the card is not in USD the issuing bank will automatically convert to the card’s currency based on its exchange rate. It should take 2-4 business days for the funds to be available in the card according to the exchange. Note that only Visa and MasterCard credit cards are supported, the debit cards with Maestro or VISA Electron logos are not supported by the new payout system. We have not yet tested the service, but we do plan to check it out as it offers another convenient way to get cash from selling Bitcoins or other alternative crypto currencies if the amount is not very big.


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