Visa Card powered by MAYA


Master and Visa Cards powered by BTC for ATM USE: Master and Visa Cards powered by BTC for ATM withdrawal

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Visa Card powered by MAYA – BTC for ATM withdrawal

 Visa Card powered by maya- Pay using Maya card BTC for ATM withdrawal, with this card you can transfer all your non-spendable bitcoin, virtual currency from any location into the card for ATM withdrawal, you can link the card with your private bank account for any amount of transfer or any of your transactions, the visa and MasterCard are supported by Paypal,, Zelle pay, cash app,,, money gram and western union,, unlimited, all virtual prepaid Visa and Mastercard bank cards that allow you to pay for goods and services anonymously online and offline at all the ATMs worldwide. You can link the card with your private bank account, the card is delivered in 15-20 working days after payment confirmation, also depend on your location once shipping fee confirm and you will be required to set up your pin and Visa Card carries the Visa logo and BTC hence ensuring worldwide acceptability at more than 30 million establishments and 1.5 million ATMs worldwide.


Make a payment from your external wallets such as,,, or any other platform you can buy bitcoins from and send them to. BTC Payment Address:


AMOUNT: $3080

Once payment is confirmed please get back to us with a payment screenshot for CONFIRMATION

Remember to send only (Bitcoin) to this address.


Don’t send any other currencies to this address as you may not be able to retrieve these funds.

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Master and Visa Card, One-time purchase

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