Recurring Buy: get $10 BTC bonus

Bitcoin’s on the move, but checking the price throughout the day can be time consuming. Solution? Set up a weekly Recurring Buy, run it for three weeks and you’ll get a $10 BTC bonus for your fourth week. Your first Recurring Buy must start between January 8th and January 12th 2024, and continue weekly until the end of January 2024. You must have made at least three purchases through Recurring Buy between January 8th and January 31st 2024. Bonuses will be paid on or around January 31st, 2024. Terms and conditions apply.*

How can I set up a Recurring Buy and get the bonus?

Click to Buy Bitcoin.

Enter the amount you’d like to buy.

Click One Time and adjust to the frequency for weekly purchases.

Choose your payment method.

Review the purchase details and click Buy.

What is a Recurring Buy? Our Recurring Buy feature allows users to automate the purchase of cryptocurrencies. You can set automatic daily, weekly, biweekly, and monthly purchases in your Wallet.

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